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BFV AGM 2017

BFV AGM 2017BFV AGM 2017

A good turn out of members to this year's AGM for Bocce Victoria.

The meeting was opened by Frank Funari & after a moments silence for members that had died in the past 12 months Frank proceeded with tabling the activities of Bocce Victoria for 2016/2017. Frank Reported that Victorian Bocce had a stromng culture and overall had good year although faced with some major challenges.

Frank went on to report that following on from a successful Team Victoria campaign at the National Senior Men & Women Championships hosted in Sydney in 2016, the Victorian bocce was buoyed and started the new season with plenty of momentum which continued throughout 2016 year and into 2017.

The BFV committee was endorsed at August 2016 BFV AGM for another term & quickly set about to roll out the ‘Bocce Smash’ program.  With the support of Department of Sport Victoria and funding over a 3 year life cycle the time was set for a  the next phase of the Bocce Victoria strategy to revitalise the sport.

After careful planning and many training workshops, the ‘Bocce Smash’ program launched in February 2017 and was an immediate success. The 5 week series which was webcast worldwide had peak viewers of over 3000 from a number of local, Interstate and overseas countries – Internationally,  interested viewers were from Portugal, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, China, USA and Brazil. Four new teams were formed and 22 players participated in the 5 week series. Sonia Fava and Linda Zanutta set the scene with their informed bocce commentary and were assisted by Frank Funari. With the success of this new format other clubs are already showing interest and have indicated are keen to register a team in the next series which will roll out in February 2018.


In addition to this major program, in the past 12 months Bocce Victoria have worked the BFV plan and focused on putting in place:

ü  Strong GOVERNANCE - This was supplemented by running a training session with trainers from Victoria University and the restructuring of the roles within the committee.

ü  Sustained GROWTH – Continued to maintain a junior regular season. This was achieved but did not materialize with additional new players. Apart from this the decline in membership was reversed and a modest increase of 4 members was realized in the past 12 months.

ü  BRANDING – a workshop headed by Sonia Fava put in place the seeds of how to go about changing the image of the sport to meet today’s generation. This is in progress with the next step to expand the Bocce Smash format, web page redesign and more webcasting.


Moving forward the new pillars of the plan are now in place to maintain progress in Growing Participation, Developing Clubs and Associations and Organisational Sustainability. These strategic themes are strongly linked to the focus of Bocce in Victoria for the next three years which is focused on having membership uplift and growth in all sectors. Our commitment from last year to build an understanding of what is happening at club level and a push to have our clubs and associations to open doors for new players has not advanced as we would have liked. This will be reviewed in the coming months with the guidance of Dept. of Sport Vic.



To further bolster the finances the current financial model is being revised as in its current mode of operation it does not reflect the value of the sport in the community. Actions are already underway to modelling options which will best suit the current environment. Some initiatives have meet resistance from the clubs and these have been overhauled. On a more positive note this year we launched the BFV Raffle which was drawn in July 2017 and is a new revenue stream which we hope will grow to become an annual major revenue stream.


In summary and lending from the quote ‘A long journey starts by taking the first step’; I’m rapped that the BFV have taken the first steps towards our vision of growing the sport. We ask our members to continue to be part of a positive solution in their input into our activities in order for our sport to thrive. Together we can make this a success and sustain the sport into the future as our bocce forefathers had the vision when they introduced the sport into Victoria and Australia.


With this philosophy, the BFV took some brave steps as we stretched the traditional boundaries and ventured out to new clubs such as the Brunswick East Bocce club; continued with the Bass Strait Trophy with Tasmania, one that continues to be an exciting annual event; took Metro bocce back to the regions with the BFV State Championship this year in Morwell; and set the pathway for the start of an exciting new format of the game with the ‘Bocce Smash’ that was launched in February 2017.  Next we have the Super League which will be an elite competition set to lift the competition to higher levels. 


We would like to thank all of those people who have put their hands up to support these initiatives through participation in the committees and making them happen. Developing new ideas to suit a complex sporting market is not easy however we have some fantastic people who are equal to the challenge and looking to lead the way. Our high achievers this year are recognized throughout our review of the year and our State Elite players who topped the BFV classifications rankings for the year, our volunteer referees and coaches, as well as congratulations to our Victorian award recipients of the Bocce Australia Volunteer awards - Michael Migliaccio and Sally Fava - All great testament of the valued volunteers to our sport. Also congratulations to Emilio Colla for his induction to the BFV Life Membership, and to Angela Allegretto for her BFV Appreciation award – both honored in recognition of their tireless work, dedication and service to the sport of bocce in Victoria.


On the courts, we had great success starting from the last year’s Nationals 2016 which followed into the BFV Federation competition, which continues to be supported strongly along with Regional, Interclub and social bocce. The ASIA/OCEANIA JUNIOR and UNDER 23 BOCCE (volo) INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017, was again a great showpiece run by Bocce Victoria in collaboration with Bocce Australia. Such events are only possible with the great support of loyal sponsors such as Casa D’Abruzzo and our other dedicated supporters  such as Henty Holdings,  Australian Sports Commission, Sport & Rec Victoria, Mantra Bell City, Biviano Fresh Fruit and BonFoods – Thanks again for your support. Our congratulations also go to our dedicated band of Team Victoria juniors, who were very competitive and showed great potential for future development. At the senior level, Victorians had another fantastic result at the Senior Nationals in Perth, with again Victorian teams dominating the championship. On the World Stage Victorian’s were again at the forefront and with Santo Pascuzzi’s at the World Games in Poland finishing with a 5th world ranking in the Progressive Throw event.


We must continue to maintain Victoria’s stronghold in bocce and these things are only possible with a bunch of dedicated visionaries and my thanks go to the BFV committee who every day, are prioritizing their own workload to best service our members and help to achieve our strategic goals. This is not an easy task with many people wanting their time or just wanting to criticize. Special thanks to the executive board of Vanessa Allegretto, Mary Massena and Frank Palermo for his hard work mostly unseen as he deals with the finances along with our honorary auditor Frank Gazzola. We thank the lifeblood of our sport – the many volunteers that help run Bocce Victoria every week.


A big thanks to all that helped run the BFV competitions including the Interclub & social tournaments. Thanks to the Clubs, Club Delegates, Regionals (especially NEBA & MORWELL), Frank Fava & his Referees, and the Coaches led by Coaching Directors Gino Montuoro & Marcella Giacomin. In the junior sector, great work by Junior Director Dina Tricarico, and coaching by Angelo Parisi, who was assisted at times by Gino Montuoro, Nicholas Cooper and Vanessa Allegretto who have volunteered their time to run the weekly junior training & competition.  Thanks to Adelia Pase & Angela Allegretto for running the Federation Technical draw. Likewise to Rosa Rossi for her hard work in getting the raffle started. Thanks also to committee members Linda Janosa and Giana Pellegrin and all other volunteers, including the parents of our juniors for their continued energy and drive to achieve an improved life for our members through our sport of Bocce.


The Treasurers financial statement along with the sector reports  were tabled and accepted. 

Three motions were put forward with only one approved regarding retaining prizes instead of vouchers for Federation Games. The By-Laws to be updated to reflect the Interclub Invitational and also the draw formats.General business did not draw many questions with the majority surrounding members want more information on the new Super League.



Frank went on to say that as many may have already been aware that he  will be taking up the role of Bocce Australia President and as such this was his last official role as BFV President. Frank has left in place an administration in a good position as the stage is set for Bocce Victoria to grow as it launches into an exciting new era with more Bocce Smash, an exciting Supper League, an increased Junior focus, a revised campaign designed to encourage girls and women to play Bocce Sport being the strategic focus for the coming years – Bocce Victoria is in a good position to succeed. Frank Thanked the BFV committee and all members for their support and wished the new committee all the success.



The meeting was handed over to Tony Biancacci to overse the elections. As there were only one nomination for each vacated role, no elections were needed and as such the nominated were duly confirmed. The new &  incoming President of Bocce Victoria was duly confirmed as David Marks. Also re-elected /confirmed  were Frank Palermo as Treasurer and Dina Tricarico as Junior Director. As David was overseas, Tony Biancacci, closed the meeting & thanked all members present wishing the new committee lead by David Marks success for 2017/18.



- Onward and upward to next season.





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